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    Are you cancelling your MCAT? Toronto test takes only!

    This is a long shot. If you are in TORONTO and you're test day is during August 27th, 2018 - Sept 18, 2018. Please let me know. I am deciding I need a bit more time and would like to reschedule! If you are deciding to CANCEL your MCAT exam please comment down below. All the spots are currently...
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    Take MCAT Prep Course in Summer, although test will be in January?

    I've read through a number of other threads about this, but can't seem to find one like my situation. I haven't taken all my prerequisites yet, including the necessary Biochem and Physics 1. So, that's why I'm planning to take the MCAT in Jan. I don't think I have time to do a prep course in...
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    For Sale MCAT BOOKS FOR SALE (EXAMKRACKERS + BR) [Serious seller]

    Hi, I have some books for sale for people preparing for the MCAT examinations! ExamKrackers 7th Edition: Biology Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Physics EK 1001 for Physics and Biology The Berkeley Review (Copyright 2009): Physics Part I (Sections I-V) Physics Part II (Sections VI- X) General...