1. P


    Hi, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place, but I can't find much for Canadian Students. I know there are the monthly threads, but there's barely any responses there. Thus I'm posting here, please let me know if I should post elsewhere! Anyway, I'm in my 4th year now of a Science...
  2. G

    Med Schools with GPA forgiveness???? Please help - First MD app

    Which Canadian (or US, but Canada is preferred) med school has some kind of forgiveness in their application? I have a very poor GPA from 1 year of a previous unrelated degree and refuse to let it impact my (now) very strong application. I know University of Calgary can "ignore" (for lack of a...
  3. RQAH

    Acceptance because of a great CASPer score?

    Did anyone with "good" but not amazing credentials (includes GPA, MCAT score, EC's) get an offer from a medical school (preferably Canadian) d/t having a great CASPER? I know CASPer marks are not given to us, but perhaps it was mentioned in an interview for example? Just wondering, because for...
  4. ArdentMed

    MMI Done Right - Part I: Resources

    The multiple mini interview (MMI), for example, is often thought to be impossible to prepare for. I am here to tell you that practice makes perfect. This applies to everything in life. Whether it involves preparing for an organic chemistry test, preparing to give a speech in front of an...
  5. B

    UCSF vs McMaster

    Hi! Would really love to hear some outside opinions on this. Feeling very unclear from my vantage... I should mention that I'm a non-traditional student and that I can work in either country. UCSF Pros: +California +Near my husband's family and friends +Great school with a lot of prestige...
  6. R

    CASPer info

    Detailed test information here: https://rwftraining.com/caspertestprep/casper-test-introduction/ Sample Timed scenario with sample answers here: https://rwftraining.com/caspertestprep/casper-sample-question-1/ Basic strategy here: https://rwftraining.com/caspertestprep/casper-test-strategy/...
  7. JenTheNurse

    Pre-requisites from a Community College

    So a little back story I am American and my husband is Canadian, we're living in the states right now and I'm getting my undergraduate here in the states in nursing. transferring my nursing credentials up there is no issue, dealing with the visa process is no big deal (as well as something for...
  8. C

    $49 CASPer prep course

    Used by McMaster, uOttawa, NYMC, and Rutgers, CASPer measures your professional maturity. While advertised as 'non-preppable' this is not strictly true, and the difference between those who understand the test and those who don't is obvious from the answers we've seen. There are many prep...