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Aug 15, 2016
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So a little back story I am American and my husband is Canadian, we're living in the states right now and I'm getting my undergraduate here in the states in nursing. transferring my nursing credentials up there is no issue, dealing with the visa process is no big deal (as well as something for Visa Journey, not here) and all that inter country crap i've already dealt with before so none of that is of much concern to me.

However, I've chosen a few schools up in Canada I want to apply to along with my american program admissions, my number one choice being McMasters in Hamilton, ON as its the only 3 year accelerated program in Canada.

my questions mainly first about pre-requisites. I currently have taken biology and chemistry for nursing school and can easily take Organic and biological chemistry as well as physics however many schools require "one year" however my school doesnt offer one year of these courses it offers one quarter. how would this work out, there are no other schools I can take these courses at and these are the kinds of courses you can take online. im worried that my dreams of medical school are screwed before i even start

please help ~.~!


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Aug 5, 2014
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First, try actually looking up the requirements for Canadian schools.....

First, you'll find most require you to be Canadian....
Second. Most don't have prereqs. Please attempt to look yourself