1. M

    RVU-Montana (MCOM) vs KansasCOM

    RVU-Montana (Billings, MT) Pros Experienced leadership Other established RVU (Colorado and Utah) locations have good student outcomes Fully accredited Outdoors Cons No federal student aid I'd be the inaugural class at this location Further from home Cold winters KansasCOM (Wichita, KS)...
  2. A

    RVU MCOM vs RVU Utah vs WCUCOM

    Hi, I have received acceptances from RVU UTAH, RVU MCOM, and WCUCOM. Please help me with the inputs and suggestions as I move with my family. I understand the alternate list is not guaranteed, but I hope to get accepted. RVUCOM Utah PROS: I did have a campus tour. It looks decent. The...
  3. pacopollo


    Hey fellow future doctors, I had the unbelievable blessing to be accepted to a few different DO schools. I know I have time to decide (as the first deposits aren't due until Dec 15), but it's a decision that has to be made here. MCOM Pros: - In Billings (i live here and i don't have to move)...