md lor for do school

  1. examsandyams

    Wait for possible, late Sept DO LoR if I have MD LoR? Would I be behind in app cycle? Stats listed

    I recently received my MCAT score of 500 and was recommended to apply broadly to many DO schools (have a different post about this). I have the chance to shadow a DO physician, but I can't until September. I was originally thinking of shadowing him and then asking for an LoR, but now I'm...
  2. Bionista

    Using M.D LOR for D.O School Application (LECOM Bradenton)?

    Hi guys, I did a search but didn't see anything specific for my question. I will be applying to MD schools as well as LECOM Bradenton and I currently have an MD LOR but do not have a DO LOR. I have shadowed 2 MDs pretty extensively and also worked in a Chiropractic office for 2 years. My...