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    Post Bach

    hi im currently doing international business but i have taken pre reqs for med except organic chemistry and biochemistry. Can any of you send me post bachs that will suit me? What other options do i have? My gpa is not that great. I have 2 semesters left at my uni. I want to do a mba and md...
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    MD Need help w/ realistic school list (517 MCAT, 3.83 cGPA) + Avg EC's

    1) MCAT 517 - 96th Percentile (129 PS / 130 CARS / 130 BS / 128 Psych) 2) 3.83 cGPA - 3.80 sGPA 3) Undergrad: UNC Chapel Hill 4) NC Resident 5) Asian EC's: A) Undergraduate Clinical Internship x 2 - NYU ED x 450 Hrs - 3rd World Country Rural ED x 150 Hrs B) Clinical Volunteering - ED x 110...
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    Clinician Leadership

    Hi all. I'm writing a research paper for my Health Administration class and I want to get a feel about how you all feel about clinician leadership. What are the problems that having clinicians in leadership solve? How do you all feel is the best way for more clinical/business/management...
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    4 Year MD/MBA besides Tufts?

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know any other 4 year MD/MBA programs besides Tufts? Thanks in advance!!