med students

  1. D

    Need to take Step 2 CS on December 30th/31st 2019! Help!!

  2. L

    Am I to Old to go to to Med School?

    Hi -- so whenever I have any questions about medical or a pre-med program this site always pops up in Google search. Here's my story: I'm 34 years old and I've worked in digital marketing for about 10 years. Marketing was never something I wanted to do but it was something I fell into when I...
  3. CreedThoughts

    Is Medical School Debt Worth the Location?

    At this point I am heavily considering 2 schools. School A is in my home state and it would be very inexpensive to attend. School B is in a major city (which would be good for clinical experience, and they're known to be good for the type of specialty I'm considering right now) but their...
  4. T

    To Keck Students: Questions about Keck before attending

    I have a few questions about Keck that I want to ask before going to the school. I would really appreciate the help! :) What exactly is PPM and ICM? I see that on all the schedules. The website also talks about CTR and EBM. What are those also? How is the curriculum? How many hours a week do...