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  1. YoungDaggy

    AMCAS - Institutional Action (IA)

    In my junior year of college*, I got an email saying that I violated copyright laws. While it was somewhat of a false charge, I had to accept it and I was told the following: "Although possessing and/or sharing unlicensed copyrighted material is prohibited by UMBC's Code of Student Conduct...
  2. C

    New Materials for Studying? 2022 Incoming MS1s

    Hello everyone! I am an incoming MS1 this year in medical school. I wanted to start a thread for compiling some well-known resources and some of the lesser known ones to get over the summer prior to medical school starting so I am not scrambling last minute 😅 I have found a few that are...
  3. Z

    Phd program for Medical students

    Hi everyone. I don’t know if this is the right forum but you can help redirect this thread to the right forum please. Thank you. I am an American but got admitted into a foreign Medical school in Europe. I would be starting lectures in September 2021. I was trying to find out if there are...
  4. bmattson

    Technology The world's first medical algorithm wiki

    The world's first medical algorithm wiki