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  1. MedicalDoge

    Awesome Gap Year Opportunity: National Health Corps Americorps Member Recruitment

    Hello all! I am serving in the National Health Corps Florida (Jacksonville) Americorps group for my gap year. It has been an amazing experience, and I thoroughly recommend it for all pre-meds looking for a meaningful and "hands-on" gap year. Please inbox me if you would like more information on...
  2. P

    BMAT/UKCAT tutors wanted

    Dear fellow medical students, As the time is slowly approaching for students to start preparing for UKCAT and BMAT exams later this year, I have seen that there is a need for private tutors in London and elsewhere. The company is called PhD Tutors and are currently hiring 3rd to 5th year...
  3. J

    PhysAssist Scribe Opportunity

    We are currently looking for candidates, who are interested in gaining medical experience, to join our team at PhysAssist Scribes in Milwaukee. Our scribes work in the emergency departments throughout the US. Application: links.iamscribe.com/apply Email our recruiting team: [email protected]
  4. F

    Internships or REU's for Summer 2016

    looking for great medical internships or REU. Preferably a medical internship that pays. Any suggestions?
  5. D

    Money is literally holding me back

    So, I'm trying to get some experience in the medical field(obviously) and I was thinking about taking a CNA class, medical terminology class, radiology or lab assistant class and they are all something I cannot afford. I recently got offered a job that pays good...but you guessed...I messed that...