medical genetics

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  1. M

    Year off before residency

    ***long post** Hello, I'm a final year medical student in a Canadian medical school. I'm 24 years old and am in an accelerated program. I am have interest in Medical genetics, IM and possibly psychiatry, having applied in all three. Due to family obligations and partially to the fact that I got...
  2. H

    Just discovered medical genetics exsites as a specialty?!

    Hey all, I have been wrestling back and forth for years about med school. I was really considering PA school but I just stumbled on to medical genetics after taking the specialty quiz. I had no idea that existed!! I work in a lab that runs a lot of diagnostic tests based on real time PCR, I...
  3. T

    DO Medical Geneticist

    Do Medical Genetics fellowships admit DO's that trained in an AOA accredited residency rather than an ACGME accredited residency? I've recently accepted a position in Family Medicine with a residency program that will soon have pre-accreditation status in ACGME but is unlikely to be fully...
  4. bcmak

    Clinical Molecular Genetics Through Epi??

    Hello all, Up until recently, I assumed only basic science PhD's were eligible to apply and do ABMG Clinical Molecular Genetics fellowships. However, I've recently stumbled upon a small handful of ABMG-certified individuals who did their PhD's in Genetic or Molecular Epidemiology. I've checked...