medical oncology

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    MSc in Med School vs. Residency?

    Hey everyone! I'm a med student determined on an end-goal of medical oncologist. I have a keen interest in research having been involved in research for over 4 years. I've read that research degrees are useful for this field, and I'm interviewing for a MSc program through my med school. Is it...
  2. R

    Medical Oncology (without hematology)

    Completing a palliative care fellowship and matched to heme/onc fellowship that starts in July. I would be very happy to find a job (open to private practice or academic) as a medical oncologist or even split position palliative and medical oncology. That being said, I am considering medical...
  3. F

    Is Immunotherapy only the purview of Med Onc?

    M4 here, currently pursuing a path in Radiation Oncology. I have always been keenly interested in cancer since I started medical school, and was drawn specifically to Rad Onc due to its use of technology, treatment success, academic nature, and comprehensive range of malignancies one is able to...
  4. Stedari

    Medical Oncology Resources

    IM-PGY2 here planning to pursue a career in heme-onc. Initially, I thought I was most interested in malignant heme, however after a couple months on BMT/malignant heme service, I may not be as crazy about it as I originally thought. I would like to delve into solid tumor/med-onc side a little...