medical residency

  1. T

    Residency application LoR delay

    I'm currently applying to the MATCH. However, 2 of my LoR were uploaded on Monday. If I apply now (with 1 LoR) and then upload those letters that are in process, am I increasing my risk of being rejected by the programs that require 3 letters? Should I wait until I have those LoR released...
  2. R

    Position Wanted PGY-1 Position wanted, Canadian IMG

    Hi, I am a Canadian IMG looking for an open PGY-1 position Stats: Step 1: 210, Step 2 CK: 217, Step 2 CS: Pass ECFMG-certified Ready to start! Please DM, thank you!
  3. Belgianmedicalstudent

    Lower workload for medical residents

    If all goes well, next year I will obtain my M.D. in Belgium. Currently, I am struggeling with my future career choices. As in many countries, medical residents in Belgium have a very high workload (officially 60h/w, but often more), and that just seems too much for me. In my opinion, a lower...
  4. W

    Reapplying to Residency - Gap Year Reasons

    I took 2 years off after not finishing preliminary internship year. I was sexually harassed by an attending during my preliminary year and had to take care of a very ill family member. I was also depressed since I didn't match into dermatology, so I ended up giving it all up before I finished my...
  5. SombraUX

    Research to improve the applicant's process for additional medical training

    Hello all! I joined this forum to see if I could get some potential research data from you all. I am looking for screeners whom my team and I can interview to see how we can improve the experiences for post medical grad students as they are applying for fellowships, residencies and ETC. The...
  6. D

    Personal Statement, CV, LOR, and more!

    Hello everyone! If you are applying for medical school or for residency match 2017, you have come to the right place! We are a group of three experienced and talented editors who have all just graduated medical school and we would love to help you perfect your personal statement! Our...