medical science

  1. P

    UNTHSC M.S. in Medical Sciences (Texas)-SMP 2019-2020

    Let's kick this off! I'm a current medsci and I'm willing to answer any questions you might have. I had lower stats before applying, but I also applied twice. ugpa:3.1, mcat:500. That goes to say, things would always work out. Keep trying hard and you'll get to where you want to be! Good luck!
  2. tiffughknee

    USF IMS 2019

    Hi everyone! I completed the Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences program at USF! (different from MSMS program). There are plenty of things I wish I had known prior to choosing this program. Feel free to AMA!
  3. K


    I want to get admitted into to tcom but I have a dilemma. My cgpa is a 3.4 sgpa3.1 I need to retake the mcat. I just got admitted into a nursing bsn program that is a year and 4 months long. I am really contemplating dropping out and applying to unthsc masters program of medical science with...
  4. B

    UVM M.S. Medical Science

    I'm curious about the University of Vermont's Master of Medical Science degree. Has anyone attended that can comment on it? It seems fairly new.
  5. G

    Research Careers as an MD vs MD/PhD

    Hello, I'm an undergrad looking into MD vs. MD/PhD programs. I enjoy research, but I'd also like to practice medicine. I don't care about the pay difference between MDs and MD/PhDs, but I do care about education costs and the time commitment. First off, what sort of research careers are...
  6. Adele.D

    Is anyone here accepted to Trent Uni. for this September?

    Hi. I got accepted for Bio.med next year at Trent University in Ontario. Just wondering if anyone else on here is also going there. I'd be cool to meet some people before first semester. :)