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  1. M

    Singapore - Monday 22 Jan 2018 -University of Dundee Medicine & Dentistry Alumni & Information Event

    Greetings all, The University of Dundee Schools of Medicine and Dentistry will be hosting an alumni and information event at the Orchard Hotel in Singapore for: (1) Dundee Medical or Dental graduates (2) Prospective students who are interested in studying Medicine or Dentistry at the...
  2. V

    What to do after the MCAT?

    Hi everyone, I am based in London and I have recently finished my MCAT exam in June this month. I obtained a Biomedical Engineering Masters Degree from Oxford 2years ago and I have not been working for half a year just to prepare myself for medicine. I planned to apply for medical schools in...
  3. Yamhead

    Could making a popular medical/premedical page on Instagram possibly help with admissions?

    I'm just wondering if it would add up to my profile to make a medical social media page. It would be mainly about the progress of medicine these days, premed/med student motivation, etc. Considering I can get it to be popular, do you think admissions would see it as a plus having 25k+ followers...
  4. Doctor what

    I dont know what university should I go for med school

    Im a student from palawan state university, taking up pre med course and a graduating student too. I have a plan to proceed in med school but I dont know where to go. My first choice in central philippine university but its expensive there. I've searched other schools that are not too expensive...