I dont know what university should I go for med school

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Oct 15, 2015
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Im a student from palawan state university, taking up pre med course and a graduating student too. I have a plan to proceed in med school but I dont know where to go. My first choice in central philippine university but its expensive there. I've searched other schools that are not too expensive but they required grades more than average and have a high rate in nmat. Im an average student and I really dont know if I will be accepted on that school. so I saw saint louis university in bagiou and I think that's a pretty cool school. nice weather and new vibes. anyways, does saint louis university have a cut off grades and nmat rate? if you knew other school that doesnt have a high rate for applicants pls let me know and has a tuition fee not above 80 thousand peso money. And my GPA is average too.. I fail in a non science subject because of personal problem. but the rest of my subject is 80 above unfornately I think 10 of my subjects are 70+ okay maybe this is clearly unacceptable in med school. but I do really want to be a doctor. please help me to find a school that really fits in me. just this past 3 years Im out of my mind about who really I am and what I want to be and problems in house and lovelife. but now its clear to me that I want to be a doctor. so yeah, please help me.
and I'm doing my best to have 85 up grade this semester. that's all thank you.
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