1. N

    Switching from IM/Peds to PMR

    Hello, I am a PGY-1 in a IM/Peds program and am strongly considering switching to PM&R. I did two PM&R rotations as a med student, and actually applied to and interviewed in IM/Peds, IM and PM&R, with my rank list looking like 1 IM/Peds program (the one I matched in), then 4 PM&R programs (I've...
  2. N

    Future switch to Med/Peds?

    Hi all, I am an international graduate who recently matched into a pediatrics program. While I am extremely glad and grateful to have matched into a fully University-based academic Pediatrics program, I have been interested in Med/Peds for a long time and have worked hard to try to get a match...
  3. A

    Any FMGs here match Med/Peds in recent years? I have a couple of questions for you.

    Since the stats available on the Charting Outcomes aren't the best, given the small number of foreign grads that apply IM/Peds every year, I thought it would be best to ask more directly. 1) How much US Clinical Experience did you have? Did you do electives in both Medicine and Peds (in the...
  4. Mal.Assezia

    Chances of matching IM, derm, or peds residency?

    -DO student -Top 20% of my class -Getting A's in most of my 3rd year rotations (might get 1 or 2 B's) -Can get some really great letters of recommendation -But I messed up on step 1 because I thought doing questions wasn't necessary (idiot): -222 USMLE step 1 -599 COMLEX level 1 -Planning...
  5. K

    Help Me Rank (Med-Peds)