1. agentfaithmd

    AMWA Membership

    Can someone please confirm if "one fee, all years" on the American Medical Women's Association means that I'll pay $55 total for my four pre-med years? Any info on this membership would be appreciated. Thank you!
  2. IRrayan

    SIR Medical Student Council 2020-2021 Applications

    Hello everyone, I'd like to reach out to the members of this forum to gauge their interest in joining the Medical Student Council of SIR. Best, MSC Leadership Follow the Residents, Fellows, and Students (RFS) on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube Sign up for SIR membership (free for...
  3. T

    Anyone willing to sell me 1 month access to their DATqVAULT membership?

    Hey friends, I need access to DATqvault but I do not want to pay for a full 150 days because I take it this month. Willing to do paypal or whatever so that I can use it to study. Let me know if you can help me out! Thank
  4. I

    ARVO and other professional organization fees

    Hi, How common is it for medical students to pay their own member registration fee and also the conference registration fee when submitting abstracts to meetings like ARVO, AAO, NANOS etc. ? Do departments ever cover the cost of one or both dues? I'm wondering because to submit an ARVO...