1. M

    Anki Question...

    Is there anyone using Anki filtered decks with "hierarchical tags" as their primary study strategy instead of one or two large main Anki deck(s)? If so, a few questions: 1 -- What strategy have you found works best ? 2-- What tags did you add yourself ( i.e. subject, Uworld, FA) ? 3-- What...
  2. Kakarrott

    Which medical speciality has the best ratio between how wast and deep it is?

    Hope this isnt a bad forum, atleast not somehow extremely bad. Now to the question, maybe it is caused by lack of info but I do have a feeling that with med speciality you can go either really deep on a small scale or you have a broad but not so deep playfield. This question can be something...
  3. D

    Not Particularly Good at Biology

    Hi there! I'm almost done with my pre-reques, and I wanted some feedback on how to improve my brute force memorization skills. I've discovered that I'm more of a logic reasoner than a memorizer -- I love chemistry and did very well in orgo and gen chem, even calc and physics. However, I'm not...
  4. W

    Surgical Memorization

    To all the med students and or surgical residents and what not, how do surgeons memorize everything? The stereotype is that they're the jocks of medicine but in reality, they're one of the smartest if not the smartest in the medical field IMO. They have to have knowledge of not only advanced...
  5. C


  6. N

    Looking for cheesy, annoying science books (serious)

    I'm not kidding about the title. In my molecular bio class we were given an excerpt from a book called "Whirlwind Tour of the Life Sciences," and it was so bad I haven't forgotten a word of that chapter. It had the smarmiest jokes I've ever read, and I was actually embarrassed on the author's...
  7. MagentaKarma

    Any study tips before starting medical school? I'm a big picture person and details freak me out.

    I have been reading a lot of posts on this forum about people who barely studied in college/undergrad (1-3 hours a day) and transitioned to an average of 5 hours a day of studying in medical school. I don't know if I am abnormally slow or something but I feel like I always studied around 5-6...
  8. Burnt Almonds

    Does anyone have creative ways of memorizing pharmacology adverse effects?

    How do you memorize all the adverse effects? Do you pick the 3 top ones for each drug? Do you ignore things like headache or nausea and only focus on the unique adverse effects? Do you group drugs that share the same adverse effects? Do you create associations with each drug that helps it...