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    Johns Hopkins MHA vs. Georgetown MHSA vs. UNC MHA

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to make a post about anyone's experiences at any of these 3 programs. I've gotten into Johns Hopkins and Georgetown and I'm still waiting on UNC. A lot of the MHA posts on this site are a bit older and dated, so I was just hoping for anyone's more recent experiences...
  2. R

    Georgetown MHSA

    Anyone know how the GU and GWU MHA programs compare?
  3. MHA Pursuit USA. YAY/NAY

    MHA MHA vs MSHA vs MHCA vs MPA vs .....??!!

    Hi Colleagues, Which of these is more reputed for MHA? I'm yet to start applying, so even multiple suggestions would help me. 1. Georgia State Uni 2. Missouri 3. Tulane 4. National Louis 5. St. Louis 6. Florida Atlantic Uni 7. Texas A & M 8. Hofstra 9. Georgetown Uni Also, is there...