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  1. medshousing

    Renting Harper Woods/Grosse Point Michigan Furnished or Unfurnished Littlestone Manor Apartments (Detroit)

    www.MedsHousing.com Listing # 2064 570 sq ft 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom • Professionally maintained by family-owned property management company • Less than 2 miles from St. John Hospital • Less than 20 min. to W.S.U/DMC central campus + Henry Ford Main • Includes...
  2. S

    Loyola Stritch SSOM vs Michigan State CHM

    Loyola Stritch SSOM Pros Jesuit values, would absolutely love to go to a school that emphasizes these Trauma center, burn center, cancer center, etc. = learning opportunities right on campus Higher ranking?: 61st by residency directors, 88 USNews - not sure if big enough difference Derm...
  3. MSUcvmHOPE

    Michigan State c/o 2021 Applicants

    Couldn't wait for anyone else to start it. The VMCAS is open and I want to be able to chat with my fellow MSU hopefuls!