1. S

    UIWSOM vs Touro NY (Middletown)

    Hey everyone, I was fortunate enough to be accepted to both schools; however, I'm having trouble deciding on where to go. Can anyone else provide some input besides what I have written below? I'm from Southern California, and I would ideally like to go back home for a competitive residency...
  2. O

    TouroCom Middletown Masters 2019-2020

    I've recently been accepted, and I'm very excited about this opportunity! Anyone else accepted, applying, or considering applying? I'm a non-traditional student and I'm hoping to find a female roommate, as the dorms seem rather expensive.
  3. L

    TUCOM-CA vs. TouroCOM-Middletown

    TUCOM-CA Pros California Great academics 20 years of history Did I mention California? Cons California - Home is New York. TouroCOM-Middletown Pros Close to home Friends in the area Hour drive from New York City Cons Not a single graduating class No academic gauge "Upstate" New York...
  4. T

    Tourocom Middletown housing

    Hi, I'll be starting at touro middletown in late July and will most likely be living on campus dorms. But I just wanted some thoughts on what to expect? I read on another thread that the facilites there are not the best at times. So, would getting an apartment nearby be a much better option...
  5. E

    Touro Middletown housing

    Feel free to contact me through email if you are looking for housing in the Touro Middletown, NY area. We specialize in providing rentals for single family homes and multi family units. Tom EAL Group, LLC [email protected]
  6. C

    Decision, Rotation Worries: LMU DCOM or Touro NY Middletown

    Hi all, I'm a longtime lurker and would really love some input, especially from current students at LMU and/or Touro NY Middletown, as I'm really struggling with this decision. I feel like I've read nearly every thread from the past couple years about LMU and Touro NY (not much about Middletown...
  7. CLAF211

    ACOM vs Touro-Middletown: Thoughts?

    Accepted to both schools and am torn - would appreciate any and all commentary! ACOM: pros: - seemingly stronger rotation network (+ in cities like Montgomery, Mobile, etc) - very impressive interview day (speakers had their stuff together, students seemed engaged and legitimately happy &...