1. AdvGIsurgeon

    ****2019-2020 Advanced GI/MIS/Bariatric Surgery Fellowship Interview Thread****

    Hey y'all! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'm starting this thread to discuss MIS/Bariatric surgery fellowship interviews as they come. Good luck to all!
  2. DrDranzer

    Urology vs Rad onc. Your views please

    Hey guys. I wanted your opinion on deciding between these 2 awesome fields. Always wanted to do something surgical and cancer related (initially did research gearing my app towards surgical oncology). Discovered Urology in 3rd year. Loved it. A close family member is a big wig Rad Onc. Tells me...
  3. J

    J1 visa and August 1st Starts for Surgical fellowships

    Any surgery residents on J1 visas facing the conundrum of an August 1st start for their surgical fellowships (like MIS/Bariatrics or Surgical Oncology)? Any word from ECFMG about your status in the intervening period (meaning July1 to July 31st)? Also, does the DS2019 of J1 sponsorship start...