1. EmDeeAZ

    Opinions Wanted!! 6 Undergrad Options for Premed

    I'm a HS senior looking to study biomedical engineering on a premed track. My narrowed down options are Arizona State (in state), MIT, Boston University, CU Boulder, UTexas-Austin, UCSD Does going to ASU basically kill my med school app? Is premed at MIT worthwhile and doable? I think UCSD is...
  2. EmDeeAZ

    Undergrad School Choice Premed--HELP!

    Hi, I recently received all of my undergrad college admissions decisions and need to make my school choice very soon. I intend on studying biomedical engineering (or bioengineering) on the premed track. I really want to be a doctor. My top options are: M.I.T., University of Virginia, UC...
  3. SelmerSA80SII

    Internship Choice: Prestige vs. Product?

    I'm currently fielding a few internship offers, as a Junior and Computational Biology Major. Despite talking to a few advisors and reps from each program, I am still extremely stressed in deciding which to accept. I want to pursue MDPhD programs after taking a gap year for some sort of...
  4. Unshuretain

    Placement Exams