1. TikiTorches

    ABPN articles for MOC

    Has anyone been reading the articles and answering the questions for MOC? How is it going?
  2. M

    PIP for inpatient psychiatrist

    I will need to recertify in psychiatry next year. I am also recertifying in sleep medicine through the American Board of internal medicine (just need to take the test for this one) I have met most of the requirements for psychiatry recert except for taking the test and PIP. Most of the psych...
  3. RadOncMegatron

    ABR MOC Survey

    I am asking people to be brutally honest when taking this survey and give your real ie negative opinions on the nonsense known as MOC with CME and 10 year testing requirements. Please quote . This wonderful article by Dr. Sandhu...
  4. Mad Jack

    Maintaining Certification

    With all of the nonsense happening with the ABIM and MOC, if one wanted to do strictly critical care down the line, what would be the minimum board certifications one could reasonably hold? Is maintaining all of your IM, pulmonary, and CC certifications as much of an expensive, time consuming...