1. ThatPsyGuy

    PhD/PsyD Is it wise to buy a condo for my PhD program instead of Rent?

    I'm going to be completely honest, I hate renting. I hate giving my money to others that I can be spending on myself and growing my investments (of which I have little), and having roommates is losing it's charm. In my area, getting a 1 bed condo could be just the same, if not cheaper, as...
  2. S

    Will owning a home affect my loan?

    Hi medical students, I was wondering if anyone who had their name on a mortgage could tell me about how it affected their ability to get a loan. I am concerned that having my name on a mortgage that I am co-signed on may affect my eligibility/increase my interest rates, does anyone have a...
  3. P

    Physician Loans for Pharmacists (recommendations and advice)

    I am looking to buy a home and recently learned of physician home loans that are open to PharmDs. Not all providers of this loan type are open to pharmacists - most are restricted to MDs, DOs, DMDs, DPMs, and veterinarians. I was wondering if anyone had advice on lenders that provided this...
  4. Tom&Jerry

    MD & DO Buying a house vs Renting Debate

    After much consideration and some research I think it will be best for my money to have my parents put a 20% down payment on a 70k house, live in it though medical school and in the mean time charge someone basically the mortgage payment to live in the other bedroom. Rent is about $600-$700 for...
  5. @Hazel-rah

    *Financial advice*--selling house, buying vs. renting, and getting loans

    I just realized there is a separate finance forum, so I'm moving this post there! Please go read and share if you'd like! *Financial advice*-- M1 selling house-> buy v. rent & getting loans
  6. P

    Mortgage/rent payment in Residency, especially intern year

    I'll make this quick. I just matched at a program in Pittsburgh and will make 52k/year. My calculations tell me I will bring up (after taxes) $1350 bi-weekly. I will have a wife that will be UNABLE to work and we are assuming it will be for the entire first year +. I have looked at a number...
  7. germindian123

    Doctor Loan Mortgage Programs

    Hey guys I posted on this huge thread but I figured I could also just start a new one since it is so old https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/doctor-loan-physician-loan-programs.385616/page-15 Anyways, I'll be purchasing a home this coming summer and have been looking into the doctor loan...
  8. P

    Buying a House in Residency

    Could someone who bought a house at the start of residency please weigh in concerning your experience? I am pretty well versed with the physician loan thing, but for those who bought, what price of house would you say would work on the average low 50K salary? Has anyone found a good resource on...

    Step by step instructions-How to qualify for a mortgage

    1-Take correct decision- purchase a home or keep leasing This is very important and it depends on both personal and financial matters. In a financial sense, it is simple: if your cost of home ownership is less than rent, you should buy. Take your time to do the math for yourself or you can...
  10. Dr.Mortgage

    Home Affordability in relation to interest rate/ home pricing increases

    There is a lot of discussion about the interest rates being raised by the feds and how it will affect home affordability. This increase in rates is truly a great discussions to have, but interest rates are only half the equation when it comes to being able to afford a home. The other half of the...