1. evergreen95

    Experience/work summary questions

    I have been told that not-bull****ting through this section is more important than filling it up, so I have 14 experiences listed and only 2 chosen as most meaningful. I haven't seen anything that talks about choosing less than 3 "most meaningfuls," it seems like everyone just assumes you have...
  2. moose786

    Best Math Destroyer Tests

    Hello all, So I'm updating my study routine and it looks as though I'm just barely going to be able to fit in all Math Destroyer Tests. However, on the chance that I am behind schedule, I wanted to know if there are 3-4 tests that I should skip and do last. I want to take the best/most...
  3. thisischelsea

    Most Meaningful Activities: I have 4 and I need to choose 3.

    Hey everyone! I have four different activities that I believe are the most meaningful 1) My technician job at school (I learnt a lot of collaboration skills, intrapersonal skills, communications skills. I also have spent 3 years at this job.) 2) Study abroad + Shadowing in France (I pinpointed...