1. G

    MHA vs. MPA in Health Administration degree programs

    So here is my strategy based on the schools that I have gotten into and I wanted to know what you all think. I am only looking to do a graduate degree in health administration in NYC or Long Island on the east coast metropolitan area. I have gotten into all six schools I applied for. New York...
  2. mpEHch

    MPH Johns Hopkins MPH 2017

    Since acceptances have started to roll in for 2017 I figured it would be nice to have a place for applicants and admitted students to discuss any questions we may have.
  3. MHA Pursuit USA. YAY/NAY

    MHA MHA vs MSHA vs MHCA vs MPA vs .....??!!

    Hi Colleagues, Which of these is more reputed for MHA? I'm yet to start applying, so even multiple suggestions would help me. 1. Georgia State Uni 2. Missouri 3. Tulane 4. National Louis 5. St. Louis 6. Florida Atlantic Uni 7. Texas A & M 8. Hofstra 9. Georgetown Uni Also, is there...
  4. W

    MSW MSW/MPA Dual Degree Programs

    Hey all, Does anyone know anything about joint MSW/MPA programs? How selective are they? Do the two disciplines balance/complement each other well? Do people in these programs tend to be (1) current/future social workers who would like to move into managerial positions, or (2) those who...