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    MD/MPH is it worth it?

    Hello all, I am matriculating into medical school this summer and I'm interested in the public health, urban bioethics type spectrum of MD dual degrees. However, I'm curious to see what the benefits are other then supplementing your medical school education? Does having a dual degree make your...
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    Tulane MPH and MSPH 2018

    Hi all, I will be starting the MSPH in Tropical Medicine program at Tulane this Fall and I wanted to create a space for incoming MPH and MSPH students. So feel free to ask questions, ask for advice, talk about classes you're registered for, research positions, housing, New Orleans and more!
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    Tips on Applying to MD/MPH Programs?

    I am interested in pursuing an MD/MPH program. I was wondering if anyone knows what it takes for admission or how the evaluation process/what schools are looking for is different than just applying as an MD. I am seeing very little about what it takes/ what qualities are desired/ what...