mph fall 2016

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    MPH edinburgh

    i have an offer to study MPH at the university of edinburgh. I know that Ed is a highly ranked research university and one of the best in Europe and the UK. However, how is their MPH program? Any graduates in this on this forum?? Are the career prospects good? Will an MPH from Edinburgh open...
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    Drexel/Hofstra/Mt Sinai MPH

    I have been accepted into Drexel, Hofstra and Mt Sinai for MPH Epidemiology. I want to know which should be the best choice for me with regards to placement and median salary after graduation from the above colleges. I will appreciate any guidance which can help me in making the correct...
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    Icahn MPH 2016

    Wanted some feedback on Icahn's mph program at Mount Sinai. Is this program mainly tailored for medical students? Im not sure whether they would be as welcoming for people just out of undergrad.
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    NYMC MPH Fall 2016

    Hi Everyone! I was recently accepted into the MPH - Health Policy and Management (certificate in Global Health) Program for Fall 2016 at NYMC! I thought it would be great to start a thread for future classmates to get to know each other and discuss any problems / concerns / preparations for the...