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    Clinical Psychology PhD - Trauma/PTSD Focus

    Hello, I am looking to apply to Clinical Psychology PhD programs and am interested in finding faculty that have research focuses in PTSD, trauma, and emotion dysregulation. Even better would be a PI that also utilizes MRI. Any guidance/information would be appreciated!
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    MRI & CT scan integrated machine product.

    Is it feasible to integrate MRI & CT scan machines into a single product? I.e MRI features + CT scan features. Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
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    Medical exchange system

    Good afternoon. Please look at our website. We created a system for the exchange of medical information. This research sarticles Unfortunately the most part in Russian. But we hope that this resource will be useful and will be filled with articles in English. See additional information in...
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    Regenerative Nodules in Cirrhosis (MRI)

    What is the histological explanation for regenerative nodules being hypo in T2 and then becoming hyper intense on T2 when they degenerate into HCC?
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    2005 used GE Bright Speed 16 Slice CT Scanner

    GE Bright Speed 16 Slice CT Scanner Model/Type: Bright Speed Date of Manufacture: August 2005 Associated equipment: GE, Power supply/control Cabinet, Model: 2326492, S/N: 136263HM1 GE, CT Table, Model: 2335179-2, S/N: 138068HM2, DOM: June 2006 GE, Gantry – Bright Speed Elite, Model...