multiple campuses

  1. Jctkay

    Help! Multiple colleges for undergrad and bad grades on one of them

    Hi, Long story, short I went to multiple colleges for undergrad. The bad grades were from a community college (mainly math-not my best subject as it is) Im sad to admit I have an F in the same math class that I took 4ish times. Rough home life (an abusive partner at the time) and didn’t focus a...
  2. S

    Is it a bad idea to apply to both PA and MD programs at the same time even if the schools are diff.?

    Hello, I have a bit of a dilemma. I have debated endlessly on which is better for me: PA or MD. I ended up picking PA mainly because of the three following reasons: 1. Tuition and loan costs 2. Stress of profession is less 3. Flexibility with specialties However, the thought that I might be...
  3. M

    Medical schools with multiple campuses

    Hi guys.. first time poster on SDN here. I wanted to ask anyone who has gone through a med school with multiple campuses what his or her thoughts are on the benefits/drawbacks to schooling in a smaller setting or in a relatively larger setting, both within the same program. Is one better than...