multiple mini interview

  1. ArdentMed

    MMI Interview Guide - Part 2: Tips and FAQ

    Part 2: What you should know 1. What does “communication” or “rapport” really mean? Communicator: Professional relationships with the patient for trust and autonomy to convey empathy, respect, and compassion. Communicators understand that biases and values of patients and colleagues may...
  2. ArdentMed

    MMI Done Right - Part I: Resources

    The multiple mini interview (MMI), for example, is often thought to be impossible to prepare for. I am here to tell you that practice makes perfect. This applies to everything in life. Whether it involves preparing for an organic chemistry test, preparing to give a speech in front of an...
  3. N

    My Brief Guide to Optometry Applications

    Hello everyone I wanted to write this to give those in pre-optometry or considering optometry an idea of what to expect and tips about going through the process. I wished someone had put something like this out there when I was going through the process, so I figured I would try to help you all...
  4. OnStrings

    Tips to prepare for MMI's?

    What are some good tips to prepare for MMI interviews? All I can really think of is reading through sample questions and formulating answers, and practicing aloud, but how do I know if my answers are 'correct?' Are there resources available that detail recommended answers to questions that have...
  5. R

    MMI Resources wishlist

    Does anyone have a wishlist for preparing for the MMI? There's quite a bit of free advice out there, and then some pretty expensive one-on-one courses. Is there a market for relatively 'canned' material at a reasonable price? ($25-100) Such as: - footage of good/bad performance to analyze -...
  6. I

    Friend thought he did well on his Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)...rejected....why?!

    What exactly do they look for here? My friend interviewed in Ohio a few weeks ago and said that he felt extremely good about his performance, and that he "clicked" with the interviewers, but he just recently got his rejection email.
  7. medheart

    2015 OHSU Pre-Med Thread

    I have an interview at OHSU this Friday morning. I am told it will be both MMIs and a one-on-one interview with an administrator. Does anyone have any pointers for the OHSU interview? Or MMIs in particular? Please and thank you.