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  1. LindaAccepted

    Medical Did You Get an MMI Invitation? Here’s Our Invitation for You!

    There’s still time to reserve your space for 12 Tips for MMI Success – our special one-hour webinar that guides you through the challenge of the Multiple Mini Interview! If you’ve received an interview invitation from a med school that uses the MMI method, you may have some questions about what...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical How Can Introverts (And Anyone Else) Do Well on the MMI?

    The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) was designed at McMaster University in Canada to better evaluate an applicant’s interpersonal skills and predict performance in medical school. Like all other interviewers, MMI interviewers are looking for problem solving, communications skills, and the ability...
  3. LindaAccepted

    Medical An Overview of Your Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Day

    Currently, at least 29 medical schools in the U.S. offer the MMI. The average length of an MMI day is about nine hours. The Multiple Mini Interview Day If you have a morning interview, check-in can begin as early as 7:15 am which may include breakfast with medical students. After breakfast, the...
  4. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Ace the MMI

    If you’ve been invited for an interview at a med school that uses the MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) method, you may have some questions: Why did they choose this format? What will your interview be like? How can you prepare effectively? It’s natural to feel anxious about a med school interview...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical Introducing the MMI (Multiple Mini Interview)

    In 2004, Canada’s McMaster University published a study that examined how the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) method can be used to more accurately assess candidates for medical school admission. The study found that the traditional interview format was not a reliable admissions tool because too...
  6. ArdentMed

    MMI Interview Guide - Part 2: Tips and FAQ

    Part 2: What you should know 1. What does “communication” or “rapport” really mean? Communicator: Professional relationships with the patient for trust and autonomy to convey empathy, respect, and compassion. Communicators understand that biases and values of patients and colleagues may...
  7. ArdentMed

    MMI Done Right - Part I: Resources

    The multiple mini interview (MMI), for example, is often thought to be impossible to prepare for. I am here to tell you that practice makes perfect. This applies to everything in life. Whether it involves preparing for an organic chemistry test, preparing to give a speech in front of an...
  8. N

    My Brief Guide to Optometry Applications

    Hello everyone I wanted to write this to give those in pre-optometry or considering optometry an idea of what to expect and tips about going through the process. I wished someone had put something like this out there when I was going through the process, so I figured I would try to help you all...
  9. LindaAccepted

    Medical Boost Your Interview Endurance and Train for Your MMI!

    The med school Multiple Mini Interview tests your ability to think quickly on your feet about important ethical and medical issues. Are you ready to tackle this interview head on? Have you trained adequately? Is your endurance up? We’ll gladly help you get to that point of confidence and...
  10. LindaAccepted

    Medical 3 Common Myths About Medical School Interviews

    Have you received a med school interview invite? Nice job winning the attention of the adcom by writing persuasive essays! But you’re far from done…now you have a whole new set of challenges to prepare for in order to receive that golden acceptance. To help you prepare for your interview, I will...
  11. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Ace the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

    Since the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) format can be difficult to prepare for, this post will give you four specific strategies for success to help you with the different stations: traditional interview questions, debate questions, collaborative activities, and fake scenarios with actors...
  12. LindaAccepted

    Medical 3 Ways to Get in Shape for Your Multiple Mini Interview

    Your Multiple Mini Interview is coming up. Are you prepared? Here are three things you can do NOW to ensure total MMI fitness: 1. Learn the ropes. Once you understand how an MMI works, you’ll be a lot more confident walking in. While you can’t know every question in advance, you can certainly...
  13. OnStrings

    Tips to prepare for MMI's?

    What are some good tips to prepare for MMI interviews? All I can really think of is reading through sample questions and formulating answers, and practicing aloud, but how do I know if my answers are 'correct?' Are there resources available that detail recommended answers to questions that have...
  14. R

    MMI Resources wishlist

    Does anyone have a wishlist for preparing for the MMI? There's quite a bit of free advice out there, and then some pretty expensive one-on-one courses. Is there a market for relatively 'canned' material at a reasonable price? ($25-100) Such as: - footage of good/bad performance to analyze -...
  15. I

    Friend thought he did well on his Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)...rejected....why?!

    What exactly do they look for here? My friend interviewed in Ohio a few weeks ago and said that he felt extremely good about his performance, and that he "clicked" with the interviewers, but he just recently got his rejection email.
  16. medheart

    2015 OHSU Pre-Med Thread

    I have an interview at OHSU this Friday morning. I am told it will be both MMIs and a one-on-one interview with an administrator. Does anyone have any pointers for the OHSU interview? Or MMIs in particular? Please and thank you.