1. B

    Naloxone and Pharmacist Liability

    Hello all, I am currently on a pharmacy law rotation with a firm and going to meet with some community executives regarding the various state naloxone laws (standing order, etc.). I was posed a question, which I am told was from the client, about what protection may be available for community...
  2. princepharmd

    Non-Patient Specific Dispensing

    With the increase in states passing laws that allow for drugs like naloxone to be dispensed to non-specific patients, anonymous partner expedited therapy, and now NY passing a law to allow pharmacists to dispense HIV post-exposure prophylaxis to non-specific patients, I'm curious to what you all...
  3. E

    Suboxone OTC?

    I heard that suboxone might be going OTC! Can't find any news on it, but maybe someone here has? Any insight would be appreciated!