name change

  1. Lifeblood_20

    Name Change and Rec Letters

    Good evening SDN, and Happy (a bit early) New Year. May your 2018 be filled with success and prosperity. I'm currently a sophomore, 2-3 years away from applying to med schools. I'm buying Interfolio thinking it would be helpful to get LORs in ASAP. There's this professor from last semester that...
  2. K

    Practicing under maiden name vs married name

    I got married at the age of 18 and have been known as Mrs. Hislastname my whole adult life legally and socially. I was so quick to change my name when I was in my newlywed stage that I never really put a lot of thought into it. I knew I wanted my future kids to have the same last name and wanted...
  3. fernweh2438

    Married during Application Cycle: Name Change Advice

    Hello All, There have been a few similar threads to this, but nothing too helpful or recent, so I am trying it again.... I just got married after completing my secondaries and registering for one interview date. I have not yet changed my name on my social security card or drivers license to...