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    AMA: Today is the Last Day of My NHSC Scholarship Service Commitment

    Background: I received the 4-year NHSC Scholarship and worked at a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) for 4 years after graduation (I did not do a GPR or AEGD). I ended up having to change jobs in the middle of my service because my workplace was so toxic. Unfortunately, it was during the...
  3. A

    NHSC Dental Scholarship Analysis

    Hey everyone, I am a D1 Dental Student and I was fortunate enough to land the NHSC scholarship. I just wanted to create a thread to explain my current educational finance situation to hopefully serve as a reference for those contemplating this program in the future. I know I found these forums...
  4. J

    NHSC Contract Hell - Please help!!

    I am a new dental grad as of May. In January of 2017 I applied for an NHSC student to service scholarship as one of many options for employment. With this scholarship, you get $120,000 of loan forgiveness in exchange for 3 years of service in an under-served area as determined by the NHSC. I...
  5. hawkeyemedical

    125K Loan repay / Family Med Oppty / University Community in Upstate NY!

    Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in a welcoming upstate NY community (in close proximity to Buffalo, NY) is seeking a Family Medicine physician for an outpatient only practice! Hospital has both a Hospitalist and Intensivist program, so there would be NO CALL! Opportunity to teach as...