natural sciences

  1. L

    What is the fastest and most efficient way to study organic chem?

    I am feeling a bit discouraged with Organic Chem. Its been nearly 4 years since I've taken Orgo and I didn't do too great at it even back then. It is my worst science subject, probably because I only memorized things for short term gains. I watched Chad's videos but am still feeling a bit lost...
  2. P

    University of Pittsburgh BS in Natural Sciences

    Anyone in the forum who went to Pit's 2nd BS in Natural Science degree? I was wondering because I just applied. I wanted to see what you think/thought about the program.
  3. D

    DAT Private tutor Dallas

    Can anyone recommend a private, in person, DAT tutor in the Dallas, Texas area? I am looking for help in the Natural Science section. I would like to start tutoring as soon as possible. Thanks
  4. Possum737

    Estimated DAT score?

    So my DAT test date is 10 days away :dead: I have mostly been studying using DAT Bootcamp, Kaplan Blue Book and practice tests, Cliff's AP Bio, and Google for things that aren't clear. Just before I became serious about studying (about 2 months ago) I took a Kaplan practice Test and received an...