nbme 18

  1. insocrat

    2 Weeks out from Step 1 - Advice

    Hi all, I'm currently 8 points away from my goal after NBME 18 with 2 weeks to go. I've got 19, UWSA1 and UWSA2 left. I also have a sizable amount of UW questions left. I was wondering whether to ditch Anki (aside from my UW deck) to free up more time to do UW and work on specific weak areas...
  2. S

    NBME 18 Question about Coagulation Factor II

    Hello, Trying to get information about what makes Prothrombin (coag factor II) affect PT. Since there are weird rules about 'reproducing' NBME exam questions I cannot specifically state the question but I will summarize. A pt is on Heparin, a day later gets Warfarin, the do a blood test and find...
  3. Habdulra

    USMLE NMBE 18 question confusion/help

  4. D

    BOTH For DO-Students Taking Both USMLE/COMLEX Step 1- Study plan/practice scores/actual test scores

    I just recently took both USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1 (Scores at bottom of post). I remember having a difficult time finding relevant SDN threads for people taking both exams, in regards to test prep/schedule/practice test scores and the correlating final scores on exam. I'm just posting...
  5. gimv

    Step 1 on Tuesday, feeling like I failed

    I took the exam last Tuesday (5/16), and I walked out of it in a semi-decent shape, feeling somewhat confidence I had at least passed. As days go by, I keep remembering questions and I can't stop myself from looking them up. So far I have about 12 incorrect answers (only from the few I remember)...
  6. D

    USMLE Need Suggestions! exam in 2 days!

    Hey everyone. i just took NBME 18 cause I left it for the last and I got 520 - 232 . UWSA1 was 250 on 31st march UWSA2 yesterday was 245 what should I do? feeling :(
  7. P

    How predictive is NBME 18? For those who gave the exam after May 9th and have their scores in hand

    I take my step 1 in a couple of weeks. I got a score of ~270 on form 18 today. I am wondering how well it correlates with the real thing, because I got ~250 on form 12 just a couple of days ago. (I got a 3-digit score of 262 on both forms 13 and 17 and 258 on form 15 - all taken within the...