nbme 4

  1. simbad8

    nbme 4 scoring?

    The only threads I found on this are a couple years old and it seems the scoring has changed since then. I'm currently studying for step 2 and took NBME 4...and was kinda shocked at my score. It was lower than I thought it would be at this point. Has anyone else taken 4 for step 2 and thought...
  2. T


    Anybody any thoughts on what to make of this score drop? NBME 3 May 159 NBME 4 July 242 NBME 6 August 235 UWSA six days later 223 After the first NBME, Read MTB 2, watched DIT videos. After first pass through UW, took weakest subjects by percentile and did all the questions in those subjects...
  3. TheAberrantGene

    USMLE Retired NBME Forms/Tests (NBME 1 - 7) : Discussion of Questions, Answers & Explanations

    Alright mates, I have been looking at a lot of threads here discussing the more recent NBMEs (Including the NBME 18 thread i made a while back) but can't find designated threads for the older ones.. Like NBME 3 discussion or something like that.. So I wanna start a thread discussing the older...