ndbe part 1

  1. S

    Occlusion question help!

    Hi! I came across this question in the ASDA I-N packet, and was confused about the answer. Question: Which of the following anatomic structures of a maxillary first molar moves through the distofacial groove of a mandibular first molar? a. Mesial marginal ridge b. Distal marginal ridge c...
  2. D

    Planing to go to canada on student visa after bds in india...

    Hi i am from India, just completed my bds.. i am planning to go to Canada on student visa and then prepare for ndbe from there.. anyone here with similar plans..????
  3. renyun

    NBDE part 1 breakdown --- 2016

    Hi everyone, I recently passed my NBDE I and would like to share my experience with you. Before I start I just want to say that I am grateful for SDN pre/dental community. The breakdowns written from dental students before me really served as a valuable resource when I was studying for DATs...