1. D

    "Sharps" Hypodermic Needle Redesign

    Hi Good Morning Everyone, My name is Alex and I attend Thomas Jefferson University here in Philadelphia. I am working on my senior thesis which is all about "sharps" in the healthcare industry. As a medical design student, I am looking to improve the system of using a syringe and disposing of...
  2. DOL8873

    Chance of disease transmission

    Hello, I’m a dental student and today my finger was stabbed by a bur :( Situation: Restoring a Class V missing restoration. No decay present. Prepped retention grooves in enamel only with #1/4 or #1/2 (very tiny) round bur with water. I placed the handpiece back in its holder and proceeded to...
  3. A

    share your experiences?

    I was doing rotations back in April and ended up having a deep needle stick to a needle of unknown source. It was towards the end of my shift, i bled it out and ended up going home. Fast forward a couple of days, i start panicking. I regret not reporting it and now i feel as if its too late to...
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