1. Mr.Popo'sDentist

    How competitive is it for a DO to match Neurology?

    I know that neurology isn't the most competitive specialty but it just fascinates me and I love how it can apply to my own life, I have myotonia congenita so It's a good opportunity to learn about myself. I believe it will also help me better empathize with my patients. I also know DO have a...
  2. A

    Neurologist Interview

    1. Main tasks? 2. Education? 3. Most common procedure? 4. How did you get into this career? 5. Likes and dislikes? 6. Advice? 7. Personal characteristics needed to be successful as a neurologist? 8. Changes you see in the future? 9. How often you see patients?
  3. S

    Take a year off for Bioethics MS worth it for my case?

    Hey so I am an MS2 and my school offers a bioethics MS to be done for 1 year between 2nd and 3rd years. Now my question is if it is really worth it? I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of this, but not really sure about what some cons of getting this degree are. But here are some factors as to...
  4. L

    Osteopathic Medicine in Neurology?

    What are some neurological conditions that can be treated or diagnosed using OMM? Thank you!
  5. H

    Major/Field for Undecided Pre-health Need Help Deciding

    Hi guys. This is my first time here on this forum. I am a undecided/pre-health major. What I want to do is help find cures for diseases and also discover new diseases that no one has heard of so this would be some type of engineer which is what I think a bio medical engineer. Also I want to try...
  6. W

    Can a dentist become a neurologist

    I am a dental student and I realy like studying neurology. Is it possible to study further in neurology after I get my BDS? And is it possible to become a neurologist?