Osteopathic Medicine in Neurology?

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Sep 21, 2015
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What are some neurological conditions that can be treated or diagnosed using OMM?

Thank you!

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The good news is that all of neurological conditions can be treated with cranial OMM. The bad news is that entire last sentence was sarcasm.
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I pretty much refuse to learn cranial on principle, but suboccipital release for tension headaches is kind of awesome. Other than that... I got nothing.
Well --- on a n=1 scale ---

My wife suffered from true migraines since her teenage years -- her mother also had a history of headaches and then passed from a cerebral hemorrhage at age 43; I went to osteopathic school later in life so I had watched my wife lie on the couch with a wet cloth over her eyes, in so much pain that she was crying and PO meds would lessen but not completely relieve the pain. After children, the headaches continued -- the standard regimen was given with no complete resolution. These headaches occurred about once or twice every 2 weeks.

Along comes OMS-1 --- and I'm getting ready for a practical exam and she's being the dutiful wife and playing the role of a training dummy. While diagnosing, I notice her OA/AA has some somatic dysfunction so on a lark, I set her up for a treatment thinking I'll just take it to the barrier and not apply any force --- well, let's just say there was an audible "pop" and I felt movement in my hands. We both commented on it and didn't think any more about it.

Until we noticed she had stopped having migraines --- for about 6 months --- and then it went to 12 months --- and now it's been 11 years -- she still gets headaches on occasion but usually when she's been working too much on the computer or hasn't had a meal on a regular basis -- and they're nowhere near the migraine level, Thank God.....

Yes, the rest of the workup (MRIs/MRAs) were normal ---

Did OMM do the job and is it the be all/end all of migraines? No --- again, just a single episode in someone's life, likely clouded by examiner/patient expectations.

Now -- just yesterday I had a patient seek me out BECAUSE I was a DO, thinking I still did OMM --- they were disappointed when I told them that I didn't do OMM anymore....and so it goes.....
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