1. StrongBeliever

    What does 'integrating peripheral responses to peripheral information' mean?

    So in my Human Physiology textbook it says, interneurons are important in integrating peripheral responses to peripheral information Could someone please explain this phrase to me?:)
  2. Akam ahz

    Excitability of the nerve and potassium ion concentration.

    My book says that the excitability of the nerve is increased when increasing the the potassium ion (K+) concentration in the extracellular fluid and vice versa. I don't understand this mechanism could someone explain it for me! Thanks in advance!
  3. B

    Action Potential vs. Membrane Potential

    Hi all, Are the parameters of Action Potentials the same as the parameters of Membrane Potentials? When googling the two, the same graphs show up. Thanks in advance.