1. fellwynd2

    MS Neuroscience before PhD in Clinical Psychology?

    I'm currently planning on applying to PhD programs in clinical psychology for entry in Fall 2022, however I understand that there is extreme competition for these programs. Therefore I'm going to be applying to MS programs in clinical psychology as well. However, I'm interested specifically in...
  2. A

    Good Psychology Jobs?

    Hi everyone. I wanted to ask current grad students/current people working in the psychology field about the lucrative jobs in this field. I have no clue about the psychology field, but it's a topic that interests me, so that's why I'm researching more about psychology. To be more specific, the...
  3. A

    Clinical Pediatric Neuropsychologist?

    Hello everyone. I'm in high school right now, and I'm just wondering about my future. I want to get into the psychology field because the topic interests me, but I'm not sure which jobs I should strive for. I have thought about becoming a clinical pediatric neuropsychologist and just wondering...
  4. akb1011

    No idea what I'm doing... in desperate need of advice. Please.

    Hi everyone. I am currently a senior at the University of Michigan majoring in biopsychology. I have an intense interest and passion for brain science, neuroscience, neurobiology, neuropsychology, etc. However, I am very confused on what grad program and career I should choose. I am a...
  5. mika1008

    PhD/PsyD Ph.D. Internship in Neuropsych for International Students

    Hi everyone, I am an international student, currently in a Ph.D. Clinical Psychology program. I am specializing in Neuropsychology and plan on going to a Neuropsych post-doc to become ABPP board certified as a Neuropsychologist. I do have a Green Card and am a permanent resident of the U.S...
  6. O

    Neuropsychology Questions

    I am very interested in becoming a neuropsychologist. I find it to be a very interesting field but I also want to be a child psychologist. Can someone tell me the steps in detail to become a neuropsychologist and a child psychologist? What do you have to study? How hard are the subjects? Where...