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  1. S

    For Sale TBR (The Berkeley Review) BRAND NEW 2016 MCAT Complete Set!--never been opened

    Hello all!! Just got accepted into medical school and I ended up not even touching the extra copy of the complete NEW 2016 TBR (The Berkeley Review) MCAT textbook set! if you're looking for brand new never been opened, or written in 2016 MCAT books I am happy to sell the full complete set or...
  2. oblongataforreal

    The Berkeley Review Updated 2015 Version

    The updated versions of TBR books are out but I haven't seen any good reviews about them. Please participate if you have used the new versions! Based on their website they've updated the Biology and Chemistry books and developed the Psychology book. Seems like Physics and Organic books haven't...
  3. H

    For Sale DAT & MATH Destroyer 2015

    I have just took DAT and I have a new 2015 DAT & MATH Destroyer. I mismanaged my time and didn't get a chance to use these books. I used other resources and by miracle I passed the test. I want to sell these two books for only $180 if any one interested. Email me on [email protected] Good luck...
  4. D

    For Sale Selling MCAT 2015 material Kaplan and Examkrackers!

    Hi guys, I am selling brand new books: Examkrackers 9th edition Original price: 274.94 My price: 250 Brand new book still in wrapping Kaplan MCAT 528 Original price: 44.99 My price: 30 Message me if interested!