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  1. R

    Midcareer PhD/PsyD Psychology Hopeful

    Good morning all. My first post on here, and let me preface that with my painstaking review of current posts to find an answer to my question. I'm in need of some advice as I apply to various Doctorate in Psychology Programs. I'm in my early 40s, have a MBA and decent GPA in both undergrad...
  2. H

    General Admissions & OTCAS UNE OT fall 2016

    I was just admitted to the University of New England's MSOT program for fall 2016! Is anyone else going there this summer?
  3. S

    New England Prelims??

    Hi - Wondering if there are any opinions on NE area prelim years: UConn, Brown, Lahey, UMass. Thoughts? Feelings? Warnings? Etc?
  4. D

    My chances as a Canadian student applying to an American school

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me with understanding my chances of getting into an American optometry school. I just finished my undergraduate degree in a Canadian University and will be applying and writing my OAT for the 2017 entrance date. I am worried about my status...
  5. TampaDoc81

    Maine Physician - Multispecialty

    Job Description: Are you a passionate physician with Hospitalist, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular or a General Surgery-Colorectal background? A Healthcare organization in York Maine is looking for multispecialty Physicians. Excellent environment offering a unique work/ life...
  6. M

    Position Swap Pgy1 swap or when pgy2 starts FM Chicago to northeast

    Hello everyone. I'm a 1st year resident in family medicine program in Chicago. I'm looking for a swap position in pgy1 or starting pgy2 in New England area, mostly nyc, CT or boston. Please contact me if interested. Thanks