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  1. K

    Columbia vs Cornell

    Hi All, Could anybody give any insight into the differences between Columbia and Cornell, in terms of prestige, case load etc for specialities like neurosurgery, ent, plastics etc. Not as residency, but as departments in general. Because rankings always seem to rank NYP as a whole and not the...
  2. N

    EM sub-I at Maimonides or NYP??

    I was offered overlapping aways at NYP and Maimo… requested moving the dates and it's not an option. So which one do I pick? Honestly, it's all about the SLOE in my opinion. I've heard that Maimo has great teaching/attending exposure which I assume would translate into a better written SLOE...
  3. H

    Wanted Sublet Needed NY Manhattan Aug-Oct 2016

    Hi, I'm a 3rd year physical therapy student in need of a room for August- October 2016. I will be doing an internship at NY Presbyterian Hospital (Weill Cornell). Please let me know if you have a place nearby. Thanks! Haley