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    WANTED 1-10 Next Step Practice Exams

    Please PM me if you would be interested in selling your access to the Next Step FL practice exams.
  2. E

    Nextstep FL 1-4

    Hey I have NS FL 1-4 for sale, they expire 4/22/17. There are four takes for each exam left. If you have any questions or are interested, feel free to let me know. Thanks
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    Next Step Practice MCAT Scores

    Taking my actual exam Sept. 10. I've been scoring between 502-505 on the NS exams. Haven't taken AAMC's FL, but will do so in the next few days. Scores have been consistently >125, w/ psych/soc showing the greatest fluctuation. How good are the NS exams as a predictor of the real score? Aiming...
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    Next Step Fill Lengths

    So I have done NS 1-3 and haven't done so hot considering my goal is to score 510. I got about 501/502 on them and my CARS score has remained consistent. The weird thing is that I have the NS 108 passages for CARS and do better on those than the FL's . Anyone else feel the same way or am I just...