nih funding

  1. Lubdub223

    F30 Impact score 10?!

    Hello SDN Experts, I'm hoping you guys can help me settle a little debate I've been having for a few moths. I applied for an F30 and got an impact score of 10 on my first application. Obviously, I was thrilled and feel super lucky to be in an environment that made that possible. But now the...
  2. Asclepius293

    Research Fellowships in Japan?

    Hey all, Just curious if anyone knew of a research program in Japan that a medical student could get involved in with a research year. I've found Fogarty grants in Japan but they're for PhDs. Thanks!
  3. DocJuan

    Trump's new budget cuts

    Trumps new budget proposal will cut 20% of the NIH's funding and a include a possible diversion of funds from the CDC's core budget to provide block grants for states. Ostensibly giving state Heath agencies more flexibility but at a significant cost to existing programs. We are regressing.
  4. N

    F30 eligibility criteria, enforced or not?

    The F30 PA states under eligibility criteria that students cannot have matriculated into the MD/PhD program more than 48 months prior to the original -01 application (suggesting that you need to apply within your first 2 years of PhD), but I have heard of colleagues at other institutions who...
  5. BurritoKiller

    How would Virginia Tech Carilion fare in the USNWR rankings?

    Since it's a new school, it's not participating in the USNWR research rankings. I'm wondering approximately where it would be, as it touts itself as a research-intensive school but only received $7 million in NIH funding last year. To be fair, it's the smallest school in the nation (42 per...