1. C

    Is it worth the time trying to memorize NMR and IR signals?

    What do you guys think? I feel like there's no way to memorize all the signals for NMR and IR. :(((( Is this topic very important on DAT?
  2. V

    HNMR complex splitting for MCAT?

    I'm studying from TPR, and according to the orgo book, we should just assume the n + 1 rule to be true even in situations where we typically need to use complex splitting. This seems a bit hand-wavey to me, but I'd be glad to not have to review my complex splitting notes. Is this true?
  3. A

    DAT and Orgo Spectroscopy?

    Hey guys! Of you all who have taken the DAT, how often do IR/NMR spectroscopy problems show up? IR is pretty straight forward but NMR is kind of confusing and I don't really understand it. Any tips or links to helpful material would be appreciated!
  4. C

    IR spec and NMR

    Hi guys I have just finished going through chad's videos on NMR and IR, but I have had some problems finding sources to use that allows me to practice interpreting peaks. Can anyone recommend a website that they have used for some extra practice? Thanks!
  5. coda4451

    FT-NMR vs CW-NMR for the 2015 MCAT

    Can someone please explain the difference between FT-NMR and CW-NMR? Also how do they affect chemical shifts?